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Training Pants Kids

We also have training pants for children for all future athletes. At Burned Sports we have training pants so that the youngest athletes can relax after an intensive training, training or competition.

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Training Pants Kids

Children's training pants

Especially when you are still young you have to think about your body, that's why you want to put on wonderful men's training pants after exercise. You are growing, your muscles are developing and you have to pay attention to it. Children's training pants of course have different sizes than the training pants for women and men, in addition, fit is often also different. That is why we have a separate category for training pants for children. After you have had a workout, training or competition. Or you played with your friends on the square you want to keep your muscles warm. Especially on cold days it is important to protect your body. Would you rather sit on the couch watching a movie or playing games? Children's training pants are also ideal for this. Training pants are very comfortable for relaxing at home. These pants are also very stylish and you can wear them well to school.

different training pants for children

You have different children's training pants in all shapes and sizes. Such as training pants made of a durable stretch-knit material. This material feels very soft, is very comfortable and allows you to move freely. Another commonly used fabric is fleece. This fabric also feels nice and soft and is wonderfully warm. Training pants for cold days and relaxing on the couch. As Burned Sports, we are happy to help you and you can choose from top brands in sportswear such as Nike and Jordan. Complete your outfit? We also have a few nice training jackets ready for you. Nobody needs to lack anything with us. We also have women's track pants and Men's track pants, so come along with your parents. We are ready for you!