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The most worn shoes in the world are sneakers. Who doesn't have them in his or her closet? Who doesn't wear sneakers these days? There is a choice of so many models, colors and brands. They are really delicious and they are easy to change. You can wear a sneaker with absolutely everything. It is now even normal for your grandfather and grandmother to arrive with a sneaker to wear. But also many babies who actually go through life crawling. Sneakers is an important and super fine invention worldwide.

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100 years ago, the sneaker was only known if you practiced a sport, but nowadays everyone wears a sneaker. Sneakers are an indispensable part of the street scene. But that does not mean that everyone is wearing the same sneakers. The many different designs and the many different colors and insertions in each shoe ensures that everyone has a nice sneaker. Men, women and children, young and old, thick and thin: we all love sneakers and sports shoes. And with a sneaker you can really radiate that. Or do you prefer the white sneakers or black sneakers? or do you go for a crazy pattern. Do you want to stay with a brand? Or are there a lot of different brands on your wish list? Burned Sports has a varied range with well-known brands such as Nike and Puma, but you will also find sneakers from ARKK and Vans, for example.

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Sneakers really represent the image of sports, culture and fashion. Everyone can agree with that. If you are looking for the latest model of sneaker, you can indulge yourself at Burned Sports. If you do not yet know exactly which model or brand suits you, you have plenty of options in the webshop and stores. We are happy to think along with you and give advice about the difference between sneakers, the fit and the size. Of course you decide for yourself which style you go for! Because that's the beauty of sneakers: you radiate what you want with them.

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