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Burned Basketballen

At Burned Sports, balls from our own line are indispensable. The Burned balls are the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor. Show your skills in the gym, but also outside on the field.

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The Burned Basketball is a durable basketball that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Burned In / Outdoor Basketball Orange (7) is made of durable composite leather. Read more
Burned Basketballen

Burned Basketball

When you think of Burned Sports, you think of basketball. Burned sells all kinds of things. From shoes, shirts, pants, socks, but of course also basketball. Certainly also from our own Burned line. You will find burned basketball everywhere, from outside on the square to your favorite sports hall. Here in the Netherlands Burned Sports is inevitable.


Burned Sports comes with many different types of basketballs. Burned has in/outdoor balls, from size 3 to 7, so there is something for everyone. From young to old, show your skills. With the excellent outdoor basketballs with a lot of grip that helps with your trade, passes and your jump shot or show your skills indoors during the matches with thousands of fans cheering you on.

Different than others

Burned Sports basketballs are made for indoor and outdoor play. This is also why the balls are made of a classic leather. this ensures that the balls are less stiff but still have a good grip, for a smooth motion in the game. The balls from Burned Sports are slightly different from the balls from Nike, Jordan, Wilson or Spalding. Yet it depends on each player what he or she likes to play better.

Burned basketball at Burned Sports

At Burned Sports you will find all kinds of different models of Burned basketballs. We also have many other brands for indoor / outdoor basketball. Do you want to know more about the feel of the ball, how it lies in the hand, the grip or the durability? We are happy to advise you. With the extensive choice at Burned Sports you will certainly find a ball that suits you perfectly.