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KangaRoos Sneakers

Kanga Rose Sneaker. Maybe you've never heard of it, but we're going to change that. It is a very cool brand that makes very good products. With their origins in the running world, they make sneakers that are great to walk and the modern look they have added makes it complete. The brand is best known for the bag on the shoe, which is just big enough to carry a key and some money. This was the idea of ​​the founder of KangaRoos who was a running fanatic himself and initially designed it for himself. This quickly turned out to be a gap in the market. 

Origin of KangaRoos 

As we just mentioned, KangaRoos founder Bob Gamm actually designed these shoes for himself. Only later did he find out that more people were interested and put them on the market. With success, because in the early 1980's they sold about 700,000 shoes a month. The name KangaRoos came about because a Kangaroo travels 25 feet per step when running, it never looks back and it has a pouch. Very logical when you look at it that way. In the 1980s, KangaRoos shoes were one of the best-selling shoes in America and it quickly expanded to Europe. The brand was now even working with people from NASA to develop a new material. This material became 'Dynacoil'. It features a special technology, which was then intended for the serious runner only. In addition, they continued to expand their lineup and sponsor all kinds of legends from the NFL, MLB and even the NBA. KangaRoos became so popular among athletes that even motor racers, tennis players, wrestlers and many more became ambassadors for the brand. At the 1992 Olympics, the entire US athletics team was equipped with KangaRoos shoes. 

KangaRoos at Burned

From June 2021 we will sell at Burned KangaRoos. We have KangaRoos Shoes for Men and Women. They come in many different colors and designs, so we have something for everyone. Whether you like a lot of color or not, there is bound to be a KangaRoos Sneaker for you. At Burned we love quality and that certainly applies to our Sneakers. That is why the KangaRoos shoes are certainly part of our range.