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Basketball shoes top players

Basketball shoes top players

Basketball shoes from top players are also called signature shoes. Top basketball players often associate their name with a brand and vice versa, brands choose a top athlete as the face of their shoe collection. Especially in basketball it is no exception, because in basketball shoes top players can make the difference on the court.

Top players basketball

Each top player has its own features, playing style and position. These often influence the design of the basketball shoe. The stars from the NBA are involved in the design process and leave their "signature". Hence the term signature shoes. It is therefore not surprising that top players can make the difference when it comes to basketball shoes. Their fame automatically creates a trend. The most famous collaboration in history is probably that of Michael Jordan with Nike. Started in the 1980s and developed into its own brand: Air Jordan. And within that brand, Russell Westbrook is again connected to his own line Why Not Jordan.

Brands top players

Top players with their own basketball shoes are not a new phenomenon. As early as the 1960s, Puma launched the first signature shoe, together with Walt Frazier. He was also the first top player in history to have his own shoe! The Clyde Hardwood was an immense success and it is now again. Contemporary basketball players also work with major brands. Stephen Curry has had a signature line at Under Armor for years and Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving do the same for Nike. It is clear that top players have a lot of influence on the popularity of basketball shoes.

Design basketball shoes top players

The same goes for the design. Do you want a low, mid or high model? Everyone has their own preference. One basketball player opts for extra cushioning and resilience. Another prefers more grip, to pull explosive sprints and to stay upright during abrupt stops. Top players think together with the brand what they consider most important for their own shoe line. They even have their say on the color combinations and the material. And that top players have really thought about the design of the basketball shoes, you can see from the quality.

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