About Us

About Burned

The history of Burned Sports

Born out of love for the game of basketball, Burned Sports started as a small store in a small town by a young man with a big dream. After playing high school ball in the USA for the Zalma Bulldogs, Floris de Jongh (age 17) was determined to bring the beautifully diverse and exquisite American basketball sneakers and performance shoes to the Netherlands under company name Burned Basketball. The Dutch ballers quickly fell in love with the shoes and the business kept expanding. It was only a matter of time before the clothing brand Burned was born and initiated the business’ growth as an entity in the Dutch basketball scene. Currently, Burned Sports takes pride in producing the official merchandise for the Orange Lions, the Dutch men’s national basketball team, and for being the official clothing supplier for top division basketball team Donar, Groningen. 

Burned Basketball becomes Burned Sports

The bigger Burned Basketball became, the more customers looking for Volleyball, Handball and Korfball shoes came to our stores. Apparently, basketball players weren’t the only ones that couldn’t find proper shoes for their beloved sport and so we felt responsible and obliged to help all indoor ballers out. That is when Burned Sports was born and we started providing shoes and protection gear that are fit for all indoor sports.

We still are a company that is run by two young men that are best friends, accompanied by a talented young team of sports fanatics. Our team works very hard to provide you with the best quality footwear and clothing, so that you can play the game you love.

So here’s to all indoor ballers, we got you.